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Echosline Balance+ Sebum Control Shampoo 300ml

Echosline Balance+ Sebum Control Shampoo 300ml

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Scalp sebum regulation is essential both for good skin hygiene and for styling to last longer.

Balance+ Shampoo is designed to remove excess sebum from the scalp and to rebalance the physiological hydro-lipid film, from wash to wash.

  • Specific cleansing for skin that needs a sebum-regulating action.
  • The formula based on White Willow and Nettle extracts gently cleanses the scalp and hair by removing excess sebum.
  • Effect of immediate freshness and lightness on the scalp.
  • The hair is soft and shiny.
  • Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage gently and rinse.
  • Repeat cleansing if necessary.
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