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Brow Code Alias Brow Lamination Gel

Brow Code Alias Brow Lamination Gel

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Alias Brow Lamination Gel

  • Dries quickly on the brows
  • Transparent finish, for a natural laminated effect
  • Water, sweat and smudge resistant properties
  • No excess residue
  • Strong hold on brow hairs
  • Formulation designed for durable and locked-down style

Application Hot Tip

Pro Tip: the brow gel will first appear white when applied but will quickly dry and turn to transparent. The Alias Lamination Gel can be used in combination with other brow styling products like Pomades, Tints and Brow Pencils. For best results, apply the gel before other makeup (for a laminated finish) and as the last step of makeup (for a natural finish).

For Natural Every Day Brows

Brush application wand upwards, spreading gel evenly through the hairs.

For Fluffy Feathered Brows

Stroke application wand at an angle and brush in an upward and outward direction to feather the brow.

For Glossy Laminated Brows

Stroke application wand angled and outwards, spreading gel evenly through the hairs. Once you are happy with the shape and angle of the brow hairs, quickly press them down with a brow spoolie to lock position and achieve a laminated look.

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