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Azure Tan Drying Powder + Tanbuki Brush

Azure Tan Drying Powder + Tanbuki Brush

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Set your tan in place for streak free results with our illuminating Tan Drying Powder. Paired with our Tanbuki blending brush – this is everything you need to banish post-tan tackiness forever!

Apply this luxuriously soft powder after your tan application for a a soft feel on your skin and to go about your day in comfort while your tan is developing.

This loose talc-free drying powder immediately takes away any stickiness and reduces transfer onto clothing and sheets for streak free flawless results.

Infused with fine light reflecting particles, to add a hint of sparkle.

With our fresh signature fragrance, this powder leaves no white cast and quickly absorbs any excess moisture.

100% Vegan.

Key Ingredients:

Moroccan Lava Clay: Rich in collagen-boosting silica to nourish the skin, without irritating.

Chamomile Flower Extract: Naturally inflammatory, keeps the skin smooth

Kaolin Clay: absorbs excess sebum (oil)  and prevents pore clogging

How To Use:

Use immediately after a self-tan mousse application or spray tan. Gently shake a small amount of powder into the lid. Using the Tanbuki Brush, lightly dust the Drying Powder across typically sticky areas until tan is completely dry. Pay particular attention to the inner elbows, back of knees and underarms.

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